Beijing Barn Dance

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The Caller

Square dance caller Nathan Paul has introduced hundreds to the art of this traditional American dance style. Nathan hails from Chicago and in the three years he’s lived in China he’s shared his knowledge of square dance in workshops in Beijing, Shanghai, Yunnan, Sichuan and Guangdong. Professional highlights have been performances at Dazefeast, MIDI Taihu Music Festival and COART Music Festival in Dali. Using his degree in theater and experiences as a performer he has taught 少数民族, factory workers and concertgoers everything from the Do-Si-Do to the Allemande. If you are looking to 手舞足蹈, you have found your guide.

The Workshop

img_8388The American Folk Dance workshop is for all ages and all skill levels. Most participants have never heard of American square dance, yet by the end of the workshop they dance contras, scatters, big/small circles and traditional squares. We teach the dances by breaking down each move and how they connect. The caller guides dancers through every step. Square dancing is a group activity that will have you laughing and mingling with new friends, not to mention a great workout! Try out a session – we promise you’ll want to come back for more!