Fortnight Fiddle Tunes: Greasy Coat

by Kirk

This fortnight we’re gettin’ profilactic with “Greasy Coat,” in the Key of A, in honor of our own Antonio “Mr. October” Marin, who leaves us after an illustrious and all-too-brief year abroad in Beijing.

Let’s start listening before we go any further:



While the chorus call of “Old Greasy Coat” supposedly refers to an old condom (ewww), we prefer to emphasize and endorse of the benefits of practicing safe sex. You can find a more detailed discussions here and here.

Well I don’t drink and I don’t smoke, and I don’t mess with the greasy coat…

Pick your instrument:

While usually in A Dorian, this tune is also played in G. Teacher, fiddler and Banjo-er David Bragger has a nice fiddle lesson in G (Also fast and slow). He also has a bunch of other great videos as well, so by all means peruse his Youtube channel. Plus, he’s also involved with Folkworks.

Many thanks to banjo-ist and caller Antonio for sharing this great tune. One of our members saw him on the subway on his first day in China, unwashed, mustache extra greasy, with a bag and a banjo, and he’s been a regular at our group since, recommending pages like this one, gracing us with his manly chest hair, and making us all wish we had a curly mustache. We’ll miss him, and we wish him the best back in Portland!

Here’s a sweaty Galax jam for inspiration. See you at the Leap!