We pick a number of standards during every jam.  Below you will find a list of tunes we tend to play.  To find instructional material, please check out Youtube.  You’ll find a trove of excellent pickers providing their knowledge free of charge!

Another excellent resource for fiddle tunes is the Old Time Machine.  Here you can find versions of each song, along with free backing tracks to practice with.  The tunes are not as fancy as bluegrass versions, but will give you a great idea of the basic melody.

Lastly, the South West Bluegrass Association published some great guidelines regarding jam etiquette.  These are not hard and fast rules, but good to keep in mind for beginners and pros alike.

Tunes in the Key of D:

Tunes in the Key of G:

Tunes in the Key of A:

Tunes in the Key of C:

  • Billy in the Low Ground (C) – December 26, 2011